Rock Talk

The Rock-A-Tellers use a creative "rock-talk" to describe the biblical scenes that kids will love to learn.  The biblical account is told and described from a rock's point of view.  The "rock-talk" brings difficult theological terms to kid level, like "resurrection" being translated into "God's great deeper-sleeper-awaker-maker."


Each book in the series builds upon the previous and invites the reader into a "Rock-talk" glossary contained in books two thru nine.  Kids will love to learn the rocky descriptions packed into every book . . .

                       . . . baa-baa-mini-cloud-walkers

                              . . . wittle itchies

                                     . . . roc-a-dilly-do

                                            . . . skoot-alongs

                                                   . . . and soooo many more!

Rock-A-Tellers love homeschool students!

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