The Rock-A-Teller Mission

The Rock-A-Teller mission is twofold:

First, to enrich children ages four through ten with biblical exposition they will be eager to see, hear, read, and clearly understand.

Second, to supply parents with a creative devotional tool that enhances the spiritual formation in their children, and promotes their participation.

Family Devotions a must!

Every Rock-A-Teller book brings the entire text to kid level, not just the typical highlights of a story.  Every page contains creative illustrations that capture the biblical text in picture form.  It is the conscious effort of the Rock-A-Tellers to bring the whole counsel of God to every reader.

Parents who are seeking quality devotional material in order to spend 10-15 minutes each night with their children will appreciate the Rock-A-Teller structure.  Each book in the series is divided into five chapters, with each chapter concluding with devotional review questions and a suggested prayer.  This makes for a great five night devotional series.